Design Objectives:
Unify Colgate Total Brand packaging globally while staying true to existing brand equity of both Colgate and the Sub-brand, Total. Global packaging divisions were adapting U.S. packaging and changing the artwork to fit their individual regions, creating a disorganized brand for consumers.

Create a branding system for Total to bring a unified look & feel but at the same time provide flexibility to the regions and languages. Two existing pricing tiers must differentiate from each other but also must work together to enhance the Colgate brand as a whole.  Regional packaging includes cartons + tubes, carton sizing varies greatly, product orientation changes, & language changes.

Created a simple branding system that works globally between all languages that is easily extendable and adaptable while building & aligning with Colgate’s corporate design goals. Designed & executed all Colgate Total packages globally- fleshed out to the different sizes of every region.