Design Objectives:
Create new skincare brand for the beauty supply market introducing and educating the benefits of sheet masks.

Sheet masks are not a very recognizable or popular skin treatment in the United States. Little education exists about what the product is and its health benefits. Photographs of sheet masks on models look outlandish when worn. The product shown without the facial application context is confusing.

Design Strategy:
Most packages existing in the category are whimsical and highly stylized illustrations showing a person wearing a mask or they were illustrations of just the product. Employ profile photographs of a model in use to be more realistic / educational, showing the texture, opacity, & sheen of the actual product. Highlight recognizable ingredients to make a newer product more familiar to the consumer, as well as making the branding system easy to make selections.

Created new brand for Purganics sheet masks that educate with photographs as well as tie in familiar ingredients and skin care benefits.

Responsible for:
Logo, initial branding, photo retouching, typography, layout